Upon submission of your manuscript, you will be asked to select one of the following tracks that most closely aligns with the topic of your work. If no particular track best suits your manuscript, or if you are submitting a panel / discussion, there will be a ‘general papers’ option available for you to select.

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Cross-cultural Marketing + Entrepreneurship
+ Small Business

Topics may include cultural influences on contemporary marketing, cross-cultural consumer behavior, the unique challenges of integrated marketing for small businesses, regional marketing issues, and special marketing problems of entrepreneurs.

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Marketing Education +
The Dynamic Business School

Papers are welcome pertaining to any aspect of marketing education or changes in business school management.

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Market Research + Demographics + Consumer Behavior

Papers pertaining to any aspect of demographics, consumer behavior or marketing research, especially those involving research methods (PLSR, SEM, Fuzzy Logic, etc.), STP, data mining, customer journeys, neuro-marketing, or predictive analytics.

Marketing Management + Strategy + Branding

Papers are encouraged that deal with any aspect of strategy, marketing management or branding.

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Professional Selling
+ Sales Management

Papers focused on the professional sales environment are encouraged; topics may include sales planning, analytics, leadership, strategy, salesforce allocation, selling models, sales enablement, compensation, training, optimization, pipeline management, global sales management, CRM and sales education.

+ Retailing

Papers pertaining to the general topic of sales promotion & retailing.

Service Marketing + Non-Profit
+ Marketing Ethics

Papers pertaining to the general topic of service marketing, non-profit marketing and business ethics or consumer welfare are encouraged.

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Social Media + Internet
+ Mobile + Direct Marketing

Papers pertaining to any aspect of internet and social media marketing or design, interactive and direct marketing, as well as mobile marketing.

SUpply Chain +
International + B2B

Papers pertaining to the art of managing the flow of products from the sources of material to the user of the end products. Additionally, topics in marketing to businesses and international customers.

Sport Marketing

Papers with a focus on sport marketing and / or management, with an emphasis on sales, sponsorship, ticketing, organizational structure, advertising, public relations, sustainability and communications. Additional areas of focus include professional or University athletics, sports suppliers, retailers and media.

Student Papers

Any paper from a student (graduate or undergraduate) may be submitted to one of the above listed tracks. Within the paper submission site you will be able to check a box confirming that the paper’s primary author or investigator is a student, so that it can be considered for a student award.