The Association of Marketing Theory and Practice is an international academic marketing conference that focuses on bringing together both academic theory and real world marketing practices. We encourage the participation of both business professors and business managers in our annual conference and our affiliated journal. Our conference aims for an encouraging, collegial environment in which faculty and students as well as practitioners can share ideas, build research streams, and develop partnerships for future projects.



One unique aspect of our conference is that it is traditionally hosted at locations along the Southeastern coastline of the US. Often we are able to find accommodations directly on or near to a beach, which has been a big draw during a time of year when many of our attendees are looking to escape cold weather.



The conference was started nearly 30 years ago by Dr. Jim Randall of Georgia Southern University, and for many years since had been run by Jim along with Dr. Rick Mathisen of Kennesaw State University (who recently passed away, and will be sorely missed). Jim has envisioned AMTP as an opportunity to get together and share ideas in a beautiful location, with “no afternoon sessions!”