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Cross-Cultural Marketing and Entrepreneurship/Small Business Marketing

Modeling an Entrepreneur's Presales Subjective Judgment: A Bootstrapping Approach
Usama Ahmed Saleh
Winning Small Retailers’ Trust: A Suppliers’ Perspective
Yan Liu, Jae-Eun Chung, Dahai Dong
A Multiethnic Comparison of Predispositions toward Ecological Conscious Consumer Behavior
Brian Thomas Parker
Booster Seat Usage: Perspectives of Hispanic Parents
Meral M. Anitsal, Ismet Anitsal, Kevin Liska
A Generational Comparison of Economic-based and War-based Consumer Animosity: The Cases of U.S. Consumer Animosity towards China and Vietnam
Joseph P Little, C. David Strupeck, K. Chris Cox, Eldon L. Little
Managers’ Perceived Risk, Experiential Knowledge, Marketing Capability and International Performance: Structural Equation Model Based on Chinese International Enterprises
Paul Dishman, Hui Xu, Harry Taute, Chunli Ji, Wen Li
Black, White or Green: The Powerful Influence of Ethnicity on Pro-environmental Attitudes and Behaviors.
Andrew Ellis, Felipe Korzenny

Internet/Social Media/Direct Marketing

Organizations' Use of LinkedIn: Small Businesses Outpace Nonprofits and Large Corporations
Lisa W Witzig, Joseph Spencer, Marin Galvin
What do you know: An investigation of the role of websites and prior knowledge
Marsha Durham Loda, Marie Esposito
From User-Generated Content to User-Generated Branding: A Research Typology for Investigating the Power of Social Media in ‘Open-Source Branding’
Julie M. Pharr
Impact of Information Quality of a Website on Online WOM
Moutusy Maity
An Examination of Internet-Based Privacy Attitudes in Select Emerging Countries
Michael Musante, Thomas Brashear
An Information Systems Security Assessment Framework: A Study of Pennsylvania Rural and Urban Municipalities
Tulay Girard, Ph.D., Jungwoo Ryoo, Ph.D., Charlotte McConn, M.S., CDP

Marketing Education/The Dynamic Business School Environment

Student Perceptions of European Job Mobility and the MBA in Romania
Perry Haan, Laura Mays, Michelle Dietrich
A Study of the Academic Integrity Perceptions of Business Students in China and Their Business Decisions
Anne Heineman Batory, Wenti Xu, Stephen S. Batory
Technology and Social Media: Classroom Tools for Educators
Danielle C Foster, Kellie C McGilvray, Matthew Rheinecker
RFID and Supply Chain Visibility: Functional Tools or Managerial Tools and the Pedagological Interest
Keith C. Jones
Michael Latta, Samuel A. Wathen, Staci Smith Willette
Consumer Behavior: An Integrated Approach to Teaching and Learning
Susan S Carley
Turning Scents into Sense and Schooling by Smiling: The use of Sensual and Sentimental cues to Enhance Student Retention of in-class Learning
Renée J. Fontenot, Kristine Pray

Marketing Management/Strategy/Branding

Personal Characteristics in Marketing Departmental Power: A Resource Dependence Theory Perspective
Corina Marx, Malte Brettel
Customer Loyalty Programs: It is easy to giveth, not so easy to take away
Michael McCall, David McMahon, Ruby Raja
Understanding South African Consumers Global Brand Purchase Intentions
Al Rosenbloom, James Haefner
A Six Sigma-Style Template Focuses Marketer’s Reaction to Confidential Data Loss
Eric L. Willson, John E. Timmerman
Communicating Religious Accommodation Policies to the Internal Customer: How Important to Retention and Litigation?
Patricia C. Borstorff, Brent J. Cunningham
The Product Placement of the Gulfstream Aircraft brand in the HBO Television Show Entourage
Steven McClung, Shawn Hermann, Thomas Anderson
Competence Based Brand: Meaning And Management
Babasola Olutayo Otubanjo, Olusanmi Celestine Amujo
A Model of Brand Awareness and Performance: The Role of Logos
Tulay Girard, Ph.D., Meral M. Anitsal, Ph.D., Ismet Anitsal, Ph.D.
Individual and Firm Level Drivers of the Relationship Development Life Cycle
Stefan Sleep
Winners and Losers in Superbowl Advertising Reviews and Advertiser Stock Values
Renee Fontenot, Tom Miller, Rick Mathisen
Exploring B2C Brand Extension Principles for B2B Markets
Mike Musante
Examining the U.S. Consumer Perceptions of Olive Oil: Implications for Marketing Strategy
Musa Pinar, Paul S. Trapp, Tulay Girard

Market Research/Demographics/Consumer Behavior

Sentiment Toward Marketing: An Examination of Future Business Personnel Attending Different Types of Institutions
David J Burns, Pola Gupta
Self-AMbivalence and Materialism
Leisa Reinecke Flynn
Exploring Internet Shopping for a Niche Apparel Market
Chris A Myers
How Loyalty Program Schemes Activate Consumer’s Regulatory Focus: A Theoretical Investigation from Consumer Psychology.
Sidney Su Han, Nan Ye, Lefa Teng
Making Up for Missed Chances with Windfall Money
Subimal Chatterjee, Napatsom Jiraporn, Magdoleen Ierlan, Glenn A Pitman
Family Structure Impact on Tourist Destination Consideration Set Development
Jeffery A. Periatt, W. Rhea Ingram
Landing Additional Green Consumers by Connecting with Fly Fishing Enthusiasts
Whit Winslow, Jason D Oliver
Brand engagement: an analysis on motivation
Antonieta Reyes

Promotion/Retailing/Sales/Sales Management

Sales Force Composite Forecasting Technique Modeled: A Judgmental Bootstrapping Approach
Usama Ahmed Saleh
Consumer's Channel Choice: Effects of Consumer Shopping Experience and Demographic Characteristics
Haiyan Hu
The Halcyon Group: A Case of Relationship Marketing and Partnership Building
Howard Frederick Rudd, Jr., Robert J. Brinson, Sr., Tom Kent

Public Policy and Public Marketing

Michael Latta, Henry Lowenstein, Carla Faye Grabert-Lowenstein
Marketing of Support Groups
Linda Jane Coleman, Sanjay Jain, Nehal Shah
Marketing a “Public” University: Public Policy or Strategic Business?
Lynn W. McGee

Service Marketing/Non Profit Marketing/Ethics

Self-Service Technologies (SSTs) Acceptance: A Theory of Planned Behavior (TPB) Perspective
Yan Liu, Dahai Dong, Wei Gao, Jay Kandampully
Multi-National Enterprises’ (MNEs’) Ethical Dilemma: The Case of Honduran Sweatshops
Jon M. Martin, Ann-Marie Majesky
A Phenomenological Investigation of Fine Dining Experience
Raj Arora
The Concept of Stake: Direct Influence and Mediated Influence on the Consumer Propensity to Stay with a Service.
Jane W. Licata
The “Buffer” effects of Service Quality Cues on Credence Service Quality
Kungpo Tao
Marketing Services to the Millennial Generation: A 24/7 Connectivity to Extraordinary Offerings
Deborah Hawkins Lester, Dolly Loyd
Can I Get an “AMEN!”? … Should I Get an “AMEN!”?
Greg Turner, Mark Mitchell, Robert Orwig

Sport Marketing

QR Codes: Marketing Fad or Fancy?
Dallas Branch, Jr., Ronald Dick, Richard Southall
Acquiring and Maintaining Premium Seat Customers in the "Big Four" Leagues
Peter Titlebaum, Ron Dick, Robert Davis, Kim Bertovich
Price Tiers as Antecedents of Event Quality in the Sport Industry
Jason D. Reese, Michael D. Kerr
Spectator-Based Brand Equity and University-Held Pep Rallies
Brandon Brown, Khalid Ballouli, Jason Daniel Reese, Gregg Bennett
Social Responsibility in Sport: What is it worth?
Khalid Ballouli, Brandon Brown
Effective Sales Training to Enhance Employability in the Sport Industry
John Lanasa, Dorene Ciletti, Richard Mathisen
The Brand Leadership Scale: Development and Validation
Yonghwan Chang, Yong Jae Ko, Il Rang Lee, Song-Hyun Cho, Akiko Arai
Sports Audiences Deliver More than Attractive Demos: Cross-Media Behaviors, Emotional Engagement and Attitude Toward Advertising
Laurence DeGaris
The Marketing and Economic Implications of Select Bankruptcies in Professional Sports since the Start of the Global Economic Crisis
Eric C. Schwarz, Patrick Ryan Murphy
Geographical Analysis of North American "Big Four" Sports Leagues and the Impact on Luxury Suites
Peter Titlebaum, Diane Branca, Todd Christopher Koesters
A Case Study of an American Indoor Football Team
Jennifer Y. Mak, Siu Yin Cheung
Evaluation of a Professional Golf Management Program by Former Students
Michael Latta, Brentan Vivian, Charles Thrash, Albert J. Taylor
Golf Course Marketing in a Tourism Destination
Brian Crow, Dennis Phillips, Dallas Branch

Supply Chain Management/International Marketing/Business to Business Marketing

The Casual Relationships among a Channel Entity’s Individual Power Sources and their Impact on Power, Constructive and Destructive Conflict, and Satisfaction: A Wholesaler’s Perspective
Mohammed Yahya Rawwas
Increasing effectiveness within a supply chain: Developing transactive memory systems.
Ania Izabela Rynarzewska, Larry Giunipero, Kishore Gopalakrishna Pillai, Dayananda Palihawadana
Apple's App Store in Thailand: Factors Affecting Repurchase Intention
Siriluk Subcharoundeeapa, Sirion Chaipoopirutana, Howard Winston Combs
Safety in the Face of Urgency: An Ethnographic Investigation of the UPS System
Jeffery S Smith, Sung-Hee "Sunny" Park
The learning chain: A merging of literatures
Rose Opengart
Top Managers in Logistics: A Phenomenological Look at their Roles, Responsibilities, and Needs
Dave McMahon, Steve LeMay, Jeff Periatt, Jon Carr
Quantifying Risk Mitigation Strategies in Grocery Retail Supply Chain Operations: A Sensitivity Analysis Perspective
Chris I Enyinda, Marsha D Griffin
Two Stories and Four Concepts: Searching for a Theory of Supply Chains
Steve LeMay, Lynn Holt, Jason Schmurr

Panels and Special Sessions (Not Peer Reviewed)

Are Colleges and Universities Losing Their Way and Seemingly Becoming Merely Sources of Employment for Unemployed Administrators? An Exploration into Mission Officers, including a Chief Mission Officer, as a Source of Focus for Colleges and Universities
David J Burns, Debra Mooney
Trends in Higher Education
Dr. Margaret M. Britt, Dr. Mary H. Kelly, Thomas G. Hardenbergh, William E. Hardenbergh
Panel on Legal and Moral Issues in Marketing
Michael Latta, Henry Lowenstein, Andy E. Hendrick, Kay Keels, Randy S. Stuart

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