Association of Marketing Theory and Practice, Association of Marketing Theory and Practice 2010

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Implications of Contemporary Leadership Models on Sales Management
Ellen Marie Raineri

Building: Hilton Ocean Front Resort
Room: Promenade 7
Date: 03-25-2010 - 11:00 AM – 12:15 PM
Last modified: 02-11-2010


 As organizations have discovered that they cannot solely compete on price, product, quality, or technology, organizations have sought the use of optimum leadership models to assist with competition and survival. After examining the evolution of three contemporary leadership models: Spiritual Leadership, Primal Leadership, and Innovative Leadership, it is shown that these models offer sustenance in various ways for organizations and employees. Furthermore, because of the introduction and practice of Spiritual Leadership, Primal Leadership, and Innovative Leadership, specific implications exist for sales management as related to their sales reps and to their customers. 



Sales, Leadership Models, Sales Management

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