Association of Marketing Theory and Practice, Association of Marketing Theory and Practice 2010

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Expert to Matrix Learning: A Comparison of Graduate versus Undergraduate
Renee J. Fontenot

Building: Hilton Ocean Front Resort
Room: Promenade 7
Date: 03-27-2010 - 09:00 AM – 10:15 AM
Last modified: 01-19-2010


The process use of expert-to-matrix learning is explained and then exampled across undergraduate principles of marketing classes and a graduate foundations of marketing course.  Through expert-to-matrix learning students practice teamwork, presentation, and critical thinking skills. The technique is an example of cooperative learning, where students discuss concepts, seek explanations, and develop a common response to objectives that they present to others. They gain positive learning benefits like empowerment and responsible association. Matrix learning maximizes performance, morale, and well being of students. Teams are evaluated on the thoroughness and quality of their shared understanding of daily course objectives through class presentations.  The understanding of the same objectives is later tested individually through traditional testing methods.  Though the result of this teaching method in the undergraduate classes yielded superior outcomes when compared to traditional teaching methods, the same results were not found in the graduate course. 


group learning; teaching methods, marketing education, principles of marketing

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