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Cross-Cultural Marketing and Entrepreneurship/Small Business Marketing

Retail Salesperson Influence on India’s Lonely Consumers
Cindy B. Rippé, Brent Smith, Alan Dubinsky
Ethnocentrism and Xenocentrism’s Role in Jamaicans’ Product Evaluations and Purchase Intention
Olivia Stacie-Ann C. Bravo, Sindy Chapa

Integrated Marketing Communication

Beyond Endorsements; How Celebrity Creative Directors Influence Consumers’ Attitudes toward the Advertisement
Kendra Fowler, Veronica L Thomas
Managing Online Consumer Reviews: Improving Review Quality
Ismail Karabas, Sky King

Marketing Education/The Dynamic Business School

The Impact of Implementing a Design-Thinking Project in the Sales Classroom
Lindsay R Larson, Linda G Mullen, Stefan Sleep, Michael Thomas
An Experiential Sales Management Course
Joe Chapman, Russ Wahlers
Students’ Perceptions of Simulation Effectiveness in Learning Internet Marketing
Melanie Eva Bruce
Planning and Implementing a Graduate Online Team Taught Marketing Course
Rajasree K. Rajamma, Michael R. Sciandra
Incorporating Professionalism Labs into Marketing Curriculum
Tatia Marie Jacobson Jordan
Student’s Attitudes toward Cheating Activity: An Exploration
David J Burns, Randy S Stuart, Anne Heineman Batory, Steve S Batory
The Use of Online Quizzing Using Adaptive Release with a Minimum Target Grade as a Formative Learning Tool
William J. Wellington, Mark Lubrick
8-Ps Plus: An Integrated Marketing Strategy Model
Jon M. Martin
Complexity in Business Cases Teaching
Ahmed F Maamoun

Marketing Management/Strategy/Branding

The Consequences of Business Model Innovation on Market Orientation and Stakeholder Orientation in Disruptive Firms
Zachary Moore
Metrics-Driven Climate and Metrics-Based Activities as an Organizational Processes to Complement MPM system in the Firm
Yuko Yamashita, Wataru Uehara, Gen Fukutomi, Hiroyuki Fukuchi
Why New Car Dealers Sell Used Cars: A Structural Analysis of the Impact of Used Car Markets on the Automobile Distribution Channel
Dinakar Jayarajan, S Siddarth, Jorge Silva-Risso
Timing of Market Entry for New Products: An Exploratory Case Study
Eunsang Yoon, HyeonJin Rim
Internal Services Brand Orientation: Comparing the Perspectives of Managers, Employees, and Customers
Ceren Ekebas-Turedi, Musa Pinar, Paul Trapp, Tulay Girard, Ph.D.

Market Research/Demographics/Consumer Behavior

The Influence of Consumer Habits in the Customer Journey: How The Habit Loop Can Change the Game
Charla Brown
Toward a Better Understanding of Organic Products Consumption: The Key Role of Consumers’ Involvement
Nataly Levesque, Frank Pons, Mahshid Omid
What happens after you are shocked? An Investigation of Emotional Response, Brand Attitude, Attitude toward AD and Purchase Intention of Shock Advertising in Chinese Consumers
Shuo Yan, Sindy Chapa
Growing Apart: Collectivism and Acculturation
Sean Sawicki, Sindy Chapa
Why I Purchase What I See On Facebook: Comparing The Impact of Electronic Word-of-Mouth Between Hispanic And Non-Hispanic Consumers
Nivia Katherine Escobar Salazar, Sindy Chapa
A New In-Store Digital Landscape: Effect on Engagement, Innovativeness and Unplanned Grocery Shopping Outcomes
Dale A. Cake, Douglas Johansen, Vikas Agrawal
#FOMO: How the Fear of Missing Out Drives Consumer Purchase Decisions
Michelle van Solt, Jessica Rixom, Kimberly Taylor
Understanding Differences in the Dimensions of Brand Loyalty Among Generational Cohorts in the Carbonated Beverage Category
Neleen Shandele Leslie, Petula Senior
Generosity as an Individual Difference Variable: Preliminary Steps towards a New Measurement Scale
Leisa Reinecke Flynn, Jami Steen, Ron Goldsmith
Gender and Cybersecurity: Consumer Awareness, Experience and Trust
Olguta Vilceanu, Kristine Johnson

Sales Promotion/Retailing

The Role of Consumer Self-Concept
Gary Ray Holmes, Clinton Amos, Grace Zhang

Professional Selling and Sales Management

Predicting Turnover of Direct Sellers
Robert A. Peterson, Gerald Albaum, Victoria L. Crittenden
Exploring Online Sales Personas: Toward a Model of Online Strategic Relationship Development
April Kemp

Service Marketing/Non Profit Marketing/Ethics

The Impact of Gender on Consumer Skepticism about Corporate Social Responsibility
Kevin P Newman, Rebecca K Trump
Sam Fullerton, Roger Brooksbank
How Customer Engagement and Customer Participation Translate Across High-Involvement Purchases (Like Higher Education)
Wendy Gillis, Douglas Johansen, Shiri Vivek
Money, Marketing, and Missions: Ethics and the Structure of Not-for-Profits
Karen Barbee, Steve LeMay
Psychological Contract Breach and Customer Satisfaction: A Study of Online Shopping
Hua Chang, Lingling Zhang
The Use of Epistemology, Transactional Cost Analysis and Herding Behavior Theories to Explain Ethical Leadership
Mohammed Yahya Rawwas
Experiential or Instrumental? The Role of Shared Responsibility in Academic Success
Joanne Cao, Jayme Foster, Gallayanee Yaoyuneyong, Alice Townsend
Travel Motivation Influence Attitudes Toward Cultural Souvenirs and Travel Intentions
Gallayanee Yaoyuneyong, Wei Wang, Pauline Sullivan, Brigitte Burgess
The Community Behind “In Return For an Honest Review”
Ania Izabela Rynarzewska

Social Media/Internet/Mobile/Direct Marketing

Antecedents of Favorable Impressions of Alternative Social Media Ads as a Recruiting Tool
Shalonda K. Bradford
On YouTube, Would You Rather Trust: The Brand Or Your Peers? Exploring Gender Effects On How Brand Generated Video Ads Versus User Generated Brand Related Vlogs Influence Consumers’ Attitudes And Purchase Intentions
Vaibhav S Diwanji, Jaejin Lee
Beyond Higher Ed Marketing: Unsanctioned User Generated Content
Jordan Salvador, Lindsay R Larson
There’s Never Enough: A Taxonomy of Online Retail Scarcity Cues
Tyler Hancock, Jennifer L Stevens, Stacie F Waites
Comic Relief: The Impact of Humorous Response in Service Recovery on Brand Perceptions
Hyunju Shin, Lindsay R.L. Larson
A Framework for Using Customer Journey Mapping Alongside Digital Content Marketing to Build the College Brand
Julie M. Pharr
Antecedents of Millennials’ Brand Engagement on Social Media Sites: An Integrated Conceptualization
Bela Florenthal
Understanding a Mechanism to Enhance Perceived Quality and Brand Loyalty in Social Media: The Role of Personalization
Tyler P Shanahan, Trang P Tran

Sport Marketing

Sports Marketing Field Trips: Student Expectations, Perceived Benefits, and Proactivity
Sam Fullerton, Tammy McCullough, Robert Twells
Measuring the Effectiveness of NBA Marketing Techniques: A Comparison Between Small and Large Market Teams
Kyle Ronkartz, Ronald Dick, Christopher Atwater, Robert Baker, Craig Esherick
Gap Analysis for Student Attendance at Collegiate Athletic Events: A Demonstration Project Update
Michael Latta, Mark Mitchell
Enhancing the Fan Experience in the Sport Industry
Chris Croft, Dennis Phillips, Brian Crow
Sports Logistics Outsourcing: A Conceptual and Qualitative Study in the Equine Industry
Stefan E. Genchev, Gordon Gray, Stacia Wert-Gray
Indoor Sport Facility Feasibility Study: Assessment, Value and Demand
Mark Lyberger, Brian H Yim, Laurence McCarthy
Virtual Reality, a New Channel in Sports Consumption
Ania Izabela Rynarzewska, Steven McClung
A Preliminary Model Reflecting the Potential Contributions Shared By the Four Parties within the Realm of Sports Sponsorship
Carol L. Bruneau, Sam Fullerton

Supply Chain Management/International Marketing/Business to Business Marketing

Beyond Supplier Relationship Management
Vishal Kashyap, Mee-Shew Cheung, Marla Phillips
An Evaluation of South African Vehicle Prices and Domestic Market Size
Keith Plekker, Perry Haan
Tracing, Security, and Safety: The Problem with Wild-Caught Seafood Supply Chains
Steve LeMay, Dave McMahon, Jeffrey Periatt

Panels and Special Sessions

The Greatest Threat to Marketing Today A Panel Discussion
Michael Latta, Richard Mathisen, David Burns, Tulay Girard, Michael McCall, Jeff Hendrix
The Recent Trends and Best Practices for Designing Blended/Hybrid/Flipped Courses in Higher Education
Tulay Girard, Ph.D., Ismet Anitsal, M. Meral Anitsal, Ron Dick
Marketing Education in the Developing Country Context: Achievements & Challenges
Neleen Shandele Leslie, Celia McKoy, Petula Senior
Teaching Sales: Practical Applications to Link Theory with Practice
Dorene Ciletti, Claudia C Mich, Emily Tanner
How Personality Disorders Affect Ethical Decision-Making of Organizational Leaders
Mary F. Mobley, Michael Mobley, Jill A. Brown, William Rhodes

General Papers

An Exploratory Study on Ethical and Legal Issues of Marketing Strategies in the Cigarette Industry: Perspectives on E-Cigarettes
Jason Bruce Kilby, Ismet Anitsal, M. Meral Anitsal
Effects of Front-Of-Package Ingredient Content Message on Consumer Evaluations
Tim Ozcan, Ahmet Hattat, Michael Hair
Impact of Acculturation and Internal and External Influences on Food Consumption Behavior Among Asian American Ethnic Groups
Ryan William Kota, Sindy Chapa
The Uphill Battles of Nonprofit Organizations
Dave McMahon, Samuel Seamon, Michael McCall
An Examination of Tourism Destination Resident Attitudes: Perceived Costs and Benefits
Mike Musante
Materialism and Consumer Purchases: Are There Segments of Materialistic Consumers?
Rick Mathisen, David Burns, Jennifer Hutchins

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