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Rick and Jim,
Many thanks for another great AMTP conference.  It attracts such an interesting and diverse set of individuals and offers the paper authors thoughtful, helpful critiques.
The atmosphere is clearly a result of your generous, positive coaching and leadership.
Please know it would be a pleasure to host you at USCB anytime!

Hi Rick,
Just wanted to say thanks for a great conference! I enjoyed my time there, meeting you and the rest of the participants. I had to leave Friday afternoon so I couldn't stay for the dinner but again, I enjoyed it. Made some great contacts as well.

Here is a short testimonial on the experience. Well done on organizing the conference!
"AMTP was my first experience at an academic conference, and I was delighted by how friendly and accepting the attendees were to newcomers.  The dialog during and after the sessions was eloquent and thought provoking, and was beneficial to not only for the folks who presented their papers, but everyone interested in the topic of the track.  It's a well organized and relaxed event that brings together sharp thinkers who truly want to collaborate."

Outstanding location in Myrtle Beach, terrific people sharing, learning, and networking.  Academic research addressing real-world marketing concerns.  A great venue for marketing professionals to gain exposure to forward thinking research.